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Delivering Qualified excellence at your behest

Zoombha embarked on its journey in 2008 to offer end–to–end human intelligence solutions to companies irrespective of their size, domain and geo-location. Over the years since our inception, we have broadened our scope, gained plenty of experience and learned insightful knowledge about this industry. Today, we are one of the leading recruitment and staffing consultants across the globe. It is your trust in us that empowers our drive to acquire talented candidates for you that match your profile and has the potential to boost your productivity.

Collaboration is our key to success and with excellent teams, we have delivered the best results, overcome hard challenges and acquired talents that speak volumes with their performance. Our team is composed of technology experts, smart recruiters, learned analytics and HR managers who are determined to make a difference in Zoombha by bringing innovation in their thoughts and actions. With their long-term strategic moves and tactical planning, we present a one-stop-global recruitment platform to our clients. Our automated platform proffers innovation, experience and a multitude of possibilities to enrich your workforce.

In our line of work, we value people who wish to turn into assets through their hard work and skills. They seek the right opportunities. On the other hand, we also understand the challenges of businesses and their need for the right people at eminent positions. Zoombha recognizes innovative ways to bring together apt candidates for deserving companies. We offer companies to customize staffing solutions that aptly fulfill their recruitment needs.

We are offering permanent staffing, contractual staffing, talent acquisition, contract to hire and headhunting services to companies all across the world at a quick turnaround time.

We manage recruitment so you can prioritize business growth.

We acquire talent so you get key assets for better turnover.

We hire diligence to offer you excellence in every phase of your project.

We are Zoombha. We deliver human assets.


Zoombha aims to attain global recognition as the most pioneering recruitment and staffing organization by imparting excellence, trustworthiness and high performance in all our staffing solutions. Our objective emphasizes making lucrative investments of time and efforts which shall yield long-term relationships, futuristic returns and credible success in this competitive industry.


We envisage a long-term standing of Zoombha as a reliable recruitment partner for both people as well as organizations. We intend to reinforce the HR operations of our clients by delivering top-notch personnel solutions to our esteemed clients that exemplify innovative thinking, stimulating assessment of candidates and apt selection of candidates that will help them derive optimal business growth.

Overview of services

Zoombha offers quintessential services to our distinguishable clients who seek to hire our well-designed staffing solutions. We allow clients to customize from our services, which include permanent staffing, contractual or temporary staffing, recruitment process outsourcing(RPO), Contract-to-hire solutions, talent acquisition services and Headhunting services, as per the needs of the organization.

We are committed to resolving the complex workforce problems of our clients by providing them with ideal staffing solutions. Our proficient team put in great efforts in comprehending the essence of their staffing concerns as it will help in obtaining accurate outcomes and solutions. Moreover, our solutions are hassle-free, save time as well as cost. So what are you waiting for, learn more about what we have to offer you in our services section?

How are we different?

We value people, knowledge & novelty :

Zoombha is a recruitment and staffing firm. In our industry, people are assets and knowledge is power. This is why we sincerely value talent and acquire people for their potential & capacity to perform. Over the years, we have enriched our knowledge about this industry and learned novel recruitment processes and techniques to give excellence in our solutions.

Our every effort is committed to saving time :

At Zoombha, we promise an unrivalled turnaround time and we keep our promises. Workforce challenges are complex as talent acquisition needs a strong network, round-the-clock monitoring, effective assessment and seeking the right candidate for the profile. You entrust us to get you the best candidates in a given time, so we work intensively to meet our deadlines and end up saving your time by quickly delivering the required human intellect for your organization.

We offer ingenuity and devotion :

Ingenuity is significant in recruiting people as we are to find, screen, vet and shortlist candidates for the jobs. We are always on our toes till we find the right candidates for our repository. Our team is extremely qualified in taking interviews, judging cultural fit and soft skills of candidates and developing assessment programs in case of headhunting. We offer nothing short of excellence in our services.

Client satisfaction is our priority :

At Zoombha, we prioritize attaining clients’ satisfaction. We don’t pause till we appease them with our excellent solutions and help them in simplifying their workforce concerns. Whether they are seeking a permanent solution, RPO, contract to hire or executive recruitment, we move mountains to give them their fit at the earliest.

Formulating strategies with a long term view :

Our innovative strategies aim larger and focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We work hard to mitigate your hassles. Our integrated hub strategizes on your business needs and focuses on bringing worthy human intellect resources that add value to your company.

We don’t compromise on deliveries :

In order to achieve holistic business growth, we acknowledge the contribution of our team, our clients and our talented candidates. With dedicated services, we ensure our client leaps of essential insights, impeccable consultation and promising returns. Consequently, we deliver what we promise.

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