Automobile and Manufacturing

Current Scenario of the Industry

The Automobile Industry has been booming both in India as well as abroad. After the pandemic, the statistics reflect a wobble in the graph of global motor vehicle production but the most interesting fact is that it is still holding a firm stand in the market. This is one of the most futuristic industrial segments which offer a plethora of opportunities in terms of employment, economic growth, exports, business enhancement, vendor growth etc. in the market. Despite unexpected challenges, the automotive segment often bounces back and surprises the stakeholders with its influential capacity. Every year this industry embraces innovation and introduces new & improved technology to adopt.

Workforce solutions and Automobile Industry

With ever-changing consumer demands and technology in the automobile industry, the need for customized workforce solutions often emerges. It is one of the largest employers in the market that seeks talented candidates in multiple arenas like engineering, marketing, information technology and finance. Moreover, multi-national players, who intend to span across the world, need leaders and executives to take charge of the management of their ventures. It presents quite a complicated challenge in front of these automobile organizations of different sizes as seeking talented candidates need dedicated efforts and professional approaches. Good staffing solutions from reputed companies like Zoombha have eased their workload and allowed them to shift their focus from HR operations to other important areas of business growth.

How Zoombha has contributed to empowering the automobile industry?

Zoombha is offering a range of extensive solutions to many of the automobile companies in the industry. Our team of experts ensures to study the ups and downs of the industry in the market before they initiate their job as recruiters. We mean to serve quality in our output and for that we dig deep to learn how these companies function as employers. We understand their needs for candidates, such as whether they prefer permanent staff or contract-to-hire solution or technically equipped or highly experienced, then also, what kind of executive they are looking to recruit, prior making any relevant suggestions and consultations. Consequently, it speeds our search & evaluation process and helps us acquire the best for them.

Our list of clients includes top-notch automobile companies, supplier companies and many other related organizations. They entrust our offered solutions and have acquired the best personnel for their profiles. We have been delivering the challenging automobile industry excellence, diligence and fitting human assets through our recruitment solutions.

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