Consumer Durables

Current Scenario of Consumer Durables

The consumer durables industry is a booming market across the world and has shown double-digit growth despite inflationary pressures, shortage of components, and the threat of a new wave of the pandemic. There has been a steady rise in demand, especially for value- proposition and lifestyle appliances, and the festive seasons ramp up the growth momentum to make up for the losses. The consumer durables market offers a plethora of opportunities in terms of innovation, employment, growth, and business enhancement in the market. Despite the challenges of looming lockdowns and low consumer demand, this industry has strengthened the pace of recovery and has upgraded its products to adapt to the changing global scenario.

Workforce Solutions in the industry

Consumer Durables continues to remain one of the best sectors for employees for its career growth perspective, salary offered, work-life balance, and work culture. With the changing face of the global market, the industry seeks a talented workforce that promises commitment and innovation. With the rise in multiple ventures, it is quite a challenge for consumer durable companies to find candidates dedicated to the company’s growth and vision along with maintaining a professional demeanor. This is where permanent staffing and talent acquisition solutions have eased the workload. A good staffing solution will allow the company to focus on designated areas of operation while finding a dedicated workforce to aid their growth.

How Zoombha is contributing to the consumer durables industry?

Zoombha has a team of experts that remotely study the need of the industry to recruit the best talent along with an extensive solution in accordance with the company requirements. With Zoombha, you do not have to waste your valuable hours scanning the resumes of your potential employees as our process embarks on quality rather than quantity. We understand your needs and consequently provide you with permanent or contractual staff along with prior consultation and suggestions.

Our unparalleled staffing solution has earned us clients from the top consumer durable organizations across the globe as they entrust us with providing them with the best personnel fit for their industrial needs. We have brought innovation to the recruitment process that reflects a combination of technology and competency along with transparency. Consequently, we have an impressive turn-around time to save the resources of both the company and the candidate. At Zoombha, we harness our capabilities to become the one-stop-solution for all your staffing needs.

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