Current Scenario of FMCG industry

The fast moving consumer goods or FMCG industry continues to witness substantial growth as it is held by consumption-led growth along with value growth of products due to increase in prices. Post pandemic has seen sales growth in the traditional channels grow in double digits and even the e-commerce segment has not been left far behind. Even though the lockdowns had disrupted supply channels, the FMCG industry continues to innovate and is a part of the future industrial segment that offers a plethora of opportunities for growth and employment. There is an increase in consumption as the FMCG channel is dynamic and has held its own even after the devastating impact of the pandemic. As the industry embraces innovation, there is a pressing need for talented individuals to come on board.

Workforce dynamics of FMCG industry

In the long term, the expectations of the FMCG industry for staffing has increased as automation and digitization advance. E-commerce, digital channels, robotics, and contactless solutions have major impact; therefore, the need for a technical and dedicated workforce arises. A wide range of staffing is required to combat the effects of pandemic along with re-energizing for the future. As consumer demand shifts, companies also need to focus on creating the right services instead of solely focusing on acquiring the right talent. In this scenario, a good staffing solutions provider like Zoombha can ease the workload while industries can focus on business growth.

Why Zoombha?

At Zoombha, we effectively meet the needs of the industry by deploying our expert staff to study the company requirements along with the global market scenario. Our experts in the field of FMCG industry can carefully curate the growing needs and help the business by acquiring the right talent that presents you with excellence. Our sole focus has always remained on catering to the futuristic solutions along with offering impressive turn-around time. With Zoombha, you can get a dedicated workforce as we are all about selecting competitive candidates with best talent and better returns.

Zoombha offers you more than just permanent staffing solutions; with us, you do not have to waste precious time in scanning resumes as we are technically specialized in finding the best employees with required customization. Our innovative recruitment process has earned us accolades from the top FMCG industries across the globe as we believe that human resources are the key to the success of any organization.

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