Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Switch to RPO to optimize time, resources and cost

Human resources are vital for any organization to succeed. It is significant to acquire good talent that adds value to their productivity. However, talent seeking is a complex challenge and needs dedicated efforts. Generally, the HR division or department of an organization handles the task of seeking, screening and selecting the right candidates for the company. But, due to fluctuating business demands, the company has to undergo sudden transitions. It certainly needs the right employees to sail through such challenges and enhance the revenue of the company. Human resource operations and their maintenance usually take a toll on the company’s budget and time. With technology and innovative thinking, companies can now save time and cost by switching to outsourcing of such services. We offer outstanding RPO solutions that are designed to take away, all or a portion of, your recruitment operations from your hand. We are the best in what we do, so let us be your recruitment partner .

Strengthening alliance, offering recruitment solutions

Our RPO solutions are well-structured to meet your recruitment outsourcing needs. Our services offer you multiple choices depending on your job requirements and business exigencies. We understand your needs and suggest you choose the right pick from the following RPO solutions.

In-house Recruitment training service:

Under this RPO solution, we provide training to your HR personnel and strengthen their work processes. Our team of experts observes, guides and refines your in-house staff by guiding them to conduct recruitment processes in modern ways, highlighting innovative methodologies and upgrading their existing HR policies and procedures.

HR operational Control(Full/partial):

Zoombha can effectively manage and handle all or a part of recruitment operations. Our motto is “Your command is our commitment”. We dedicate a team to meet your HR expectations by allowing a widened scope to do their operations in order to deliver optimal results. It includes comprehending HR requirements depending on business demands, mapping of recruitment plans, talent acquisition, short-listing of candidates and maintenance of resources.


It is one of the highly popular and innovative RPO services of Zoombha. We lend you our vast experience and expertise for a fixed duration by deploying a team of our specialized recruiters within your premises. They take the responsibility of resolving your recruitment and placement needs with utmost efficiency and optimization. As a result, it saves your cost, offers you flexibility & transparency and specializes in workforce solutions.

Enticing benefits of Zoombha’s RPO model

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