Contract to hire

Test the performance before you absorb the candidates

As well as commitment. With large businesses come greater risks and it is the human experts that help in overcoming them so that businesses flourish. Hence, companies having prominent job vacancies, seek the right fit that matches the profile before giving them committed consent. Contract-to-hire is an ideal solution for such companies as it gives them the advantage to monitor the performance and capabilities of the candidate for a specific period of time. Once the contract period gets over, you can decide to employ or not employ the candidate permanently depending on your assessment. Moreover, during this contract period, Zoombha acts as their employer, handles their payroll and takes their responsibility.

Contract-to-hire solutions- from ‘probation’ to ‘permanent’

Zoombha offers a one-stop recruitment platform to avail effective contract-to-hire solution which would facilitate the hiring operations for the clients and speedily address their needs for employees. This solution allows you to test the ability of the candidate from all the parameters before you absorb them. We offer to be your recruitment partner and take over the role of the employer during their probation period. This arrangement is beneficial for both candidates as well as employers. A probation period is a trial period that allows both of them to assess each other’s potential and compatibility in a real sense.

Advantages that call for attention

Partner with Zoombha and find excellent hires for prominent roles

Zoombha has outstanding expertise and substantial experience in the recruitment industry. Our team of recruiters and analysts specialize in seeking top talent for contract-to-hire positions across multiple fields in diverse industries. We are here to reduce your burden, share your responsibilities and offer you the best candidates that can drive your business to new heights.

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